2010 Schedule





Jan 8

Gary Aney

Rosie's Ready Mix

A Second Friday dance

Feb 5

Bob Nicholson

Sandra Peevers & Eric House

March 5

Fern Bradley

Russett Trio

April 2

John Jacobson

Peter Blue & friends (Carol Mandigo&Jeanne Bennett-O'Dea)

Good Friday

May 7

Peter Blue

Illegal Contraband

June 4

Ridge Kennedy

Bernie Neumann, Rob Grassi & Carol Mandigo

July 2

No dance

No dance

No dance

August 6

No dance

No dance

No dance

September 3

Bob Nicholson

Tom Hodgson and Henry Jankiewicz

October 1

Nancy Spero


November 5

David Smukler

Alan Thomson & Colin McCoy

December 3

Sarah VanNorstrand

Kathy Shimberg, Sandra Peevers & Erik House

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I live about 50 miles away and would like to attend the dances. Would it be possible to schedule them on Sunday afternoons so that the driving would be in daylight?